Gable Tents

Gable End Tents are the style with flat, vertical ends. Sometimes called a structure tent, they are now often used as wedding tents and special event tents as well as industrial tents and warehouse tents. This style has grown immensely in popularity during the last decade because it is faster and easier to install than a hip end tent, and it has advantages for controlling water runoff. Gable end tents are ideal for situations requiring the tent to be installed as an extension to a building, used to cover a walk way, or connecting two separated buildings or structures. The gable ends eliminate the water runoff that a hip end tent would have allowed at the ends of the tent.

Available in multiple sizes and configurations, our hip end tents start with the Heavy Duty 2” frame that can be upgraded to LiteTrack with sliding tops and sidewalls, and to the strongest tent on the market, Maxi Full Strength. Maxi frames are backed with the structural engineering to prove their amazing high wind capacity.

This is a great option for small to large events, including weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and more.

  • Structural engineering meets strict building code requirements when needed
  • Clear span frame tents eliminate the need for center poles
  • The first tent system to incorporate slide-in tops and sidewalls
  • Interchangeable parts mean less inventory is needed
  • Slide-in tops provide greater durability and a quitter tent environment
  • Carefully designed to provide the lowest cost of ownership and best ROI
  • Stock sizes range from 10’ to 50’ wide
  • Custom sizes are available